Some of my work people went out for sushi and live music last night; I brought The Sister, who originally planned to be my driver and shop between drop-off and pick-up, but she instead came inside for a few drinks. Turned out to be a good move. While talking to one of my bosses, she expressed concern about our budget situation and the security of my position.

He answered, “Last week I fired ten people. Of the remaining 600, honey, your sister is one of the last ones I would want to let go.”

So I guess I am safe for now. Thank the Lord.


Today, Internet, we are going to play a game … because I am bored.  And you’re reading this so do you really have anything better to do either?

The rules: fill in the blank, without divulging any specifics as to either number.

The question: The number of partners with whom I have slept is (Greater than/Less than) the number of partners with whom I have:

Spooned: Less than. But I freaking hate to be the big spoon … the one exception being a cold nose in need of a warm spine.

Held hands: Greater than.

Paid for their dinner: Greater than. Sad. In my defense, I usually insist on splitting the tab.

Slept next to: Less than.  I pass out next to anyone; I’m indiscriminate like that.

Kissed during Spin the Bottle: Less than. We were 22 and drunk. Everyone in the circle kissed that night.  It was a big circle.

Said “I love you”: Greater than.

Meant that I loved them: Greater than.

Audience participation is requested, either in the comments or I will post updates with links to your site. If successful, maybe we’ll play another one tomorrow.

“Usually the only way to get over someone is to be under someone.”

I miss writing. No guarantees on how long this blogging phase will last.