If you don’t read, you totally should. Because it is awesome (even on those days where it makes me feel old). My Google Reader currently has a few saved, and I reread them and giggle – typically at inappropriate times like VIP teleconferences.

(501): he said i was chugging vodka in the parking lot, gave my # to a married man, started a food fight, and passed out at the bar. how could he NOT consider that a good first date???

(602): She made me go with her to get a pregnancy test since she’s missed a few birth control pills. She made me park in the “expectant mothers” spot at CVS and preceded to ask if it would be in the pest control section.

How many more hours until the weekend?


My fidgeting and distraction-susceptibility the day before the Christmas break while at work in corporate America is worse than that experienced in grade school … because they EXPECT actual work.  Where is the party? Where is the movie? Teachers at least realize the shortened attention span and do they fight against it? Nay, they succomb. My boss should take notes.

But ah HA! Instead of working I am reading blogs. And laughing (out loud) in my cube, subsequently alienating all my co-workers because I am that crazy girl who sits and laughs to excel spreadsheets.

Here are (a few of) the random posts that have made me laugh today:

The Baby Seals Club


Road Kills Toys (via Mighty Goods)

More later.  Unless I decide to skip out early … 

The rest of the world hates us (Thank you GW), but at least some amusement can be found from it?

Anti-Bush Advertising

Because of her blog’s name which both confuses and delights me. Because this would be my exact thought process and still has me questioning, “wait, that’s not how it works?”  Because she gets the best text messages EVER.  Because she doesn’t seem like the type of friend who would be embarrassed if you felt the need to wear sweats to the bar … and everyone needs friends like that.

“Welcome, mollyelizabeth! You are member #3189 of NaBloPoMo”

Don’t question my motivations because I will have no answers, but I decided to join Mrs. Kennedy and the rest of the crazies participating in National Blog Posting Month.  I am sure I have no idea what I am getting myself into, but hell, what else do I do with my time?

My love for this site is unparalleled, save maybe my love for their intern. I need to get me an intern.

Rules for Dealing with Dad: 8.) You will profess a great interest in attending law school, even if you are currently a model slash waiter who (until five minutes ago) thought that the LSAT stood for “Last Saturday.”

I love it.  Applicable to so many fathers.  Her entire blog is found here.

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