Had a discussion with a friend. This was a few weeks ago. I’ve tried writing about it, even have a few drafts waiting, unfinished, in a desktop folder, but none of them are right. The discussion did not go well, at least on my side. She may have had a different take on it, or perhaps not, since I didn’t bend to her will or come out seeing her as the innocent victim, as she had predetermined her role whereas I was the evil one, the one who done her wrong. She was outright mean and passively manipulative; I didn’t like that side of her as a person, and I don’t like thinking about it, much less writing it. I’m just kinda done and it/she doesn’t really deserve more time and attention than that.

Maybe someday I’ll finish one of the drafts because the things she would say … oh, Internet, I wish you were there, standing behind her, so I could have had a rational someone over her shoulder – and maybe slightly to the left so as to not be obvious – at whom to roll-my-eyes throughout the twists she took my words. Ok, I lied just then, I really didn’t want someone for eye-rolls, I wanted someone to watch in amazement and say, preferably with grandiose arm waving, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS BULLSHIT.