I finally responded to her. Since The Firefighter’s Quest for The Holy Grail, she, the object of their desire, has been sending me texts for happy-hours and dinners, taking on the tone of the I miss you! Your house was so fun! We need to hang out more! quality.

Which is complete bullshit.

So I have ignored them. If the tone was different, I might’ve considered a different reaction. Maybe. But, whatever, it’s bullshit, and my bullshit tolerance has been low lately.

When texts weren’t delivering her desired results, she sent an email last week, asking for my schedule to arrange a dinner, saying that she wanted to nail me to a date before hitting up the other two girls.

The other two girls, well, they are on my side. If anything, they are less willing to forgive her than I am, and however cliquey and high-school that may be, I find it touching. During my processing of the little incident, one of the girls had informed me, “Mols, she might control all the guys, but you’re the leader for the girls – you know that, right? You’re the one that ties us together; you’re the only one that all of us would be comfortable hanging out one-on-one.” Well, shit – that’s sweet to say, and no, I never thought about it quite like that. I then immediately started plotting ways to use my power for evil and shun her like a leper (kidding) (mostly).

I’ve been trying to disperse any sources of negative energy (how new-agey does that sound?), and if I were to continue to avoid, I knew the negativity would liger. So my response was short and sweet (she has yet to have the balls to call me, so I follow suit), saying that the next month at least was going to be really busy and I didn’t have any available time. To be clear: I’m not holding a grudge, I’ve just been enlightened as to her person, and I don’t feel the need to associate myself with that negativity, especially when I have other friends, amazing friends, who love me and are truly awesome to me.

My evasive too-busy-to-hang email received a reply (dammit): “Yeah I understand the busy schedule thing. It’s hard to make room for “free time”. I also get if you can’t plan for a girls night anytime in the next month. I would like to see YOU though, sometime. Even if just for lunch one day during the week. I feel like we were a bit disconnected last time I saw you and I didn’t like that. Let me know if you can squeeze me in.”

After careful consideration and in the interest of being up front and honest, I wrote back, with what most would call common sense, “The disconnect was because I was uncomfortable watching you move in on a guy I had slept with. My friends don’t do that. It’ll be fine, we’ll be ok, I just need some time.”

Was probably a bad idea; I’ll let you know if I receive a response.