While getting a beer with my favorite bartender, he sagely reviewed all my past and present dudes, eventually giving me this tidbit of advice, “Even if a guy has loads of great qualities, it doesn’t work like that. Dating is a checklist, and each box needs a check. Excess of one quality doesn’t compensate for the lack of another. It’s a checklist and when something is not there, it’s best to cross guys off from the start.”

Oh, perfect – because I really need to find more ways to be picky. My checklist is unwritten. Consciously known but unwritten. I was tempted to finish this post with it written but then I was afraid of what would be on there –my requirements and deal breakers. Some sound so trivial that I would feel the need to rationalize my own damn list. I couldn’t just say, Has left the country without adding, “because if he hasn’t by now, it’s not a priority –unless he’s been in medical school or something and doctors tend to cheat anyway so really, that’s a whole other problem; also, back to the country thing, it indicates that he is content staying put and not expanding to other cultures which is definitely NOT OK with me and I don’t think I could be with someone like that, and besides, he probably would have issues understanding my restless feet and Visa balance and therefore it would NEVER work.” Which would be annoying for us all to read. Go figure, my checklist is one rambling run-on sentence.

What’s on yours?