I have this friend. This friend has the potential opportunity to move for a job. She has a million reasons to stay but two somewhat-convincing ones to leave: career and change. That latter reason, hinting all-too-temptingly at an adventure in a city outside her comfort zone, is her main cause of hesitation, and perhaps her main source of fear. That fear might allow other reasons to trump this opportunity; I don’t think the move will happen. You see, my friend, however whimsical, is still essentially a rational and responsible person. Unfortunately. So she will more than likely stay and finish her last year of school (it’s only one year left!) and live in her house (which she loves – it is cute and clean and new and spacious and hers. Much better than renting a cramped, dirty, too-expensive efficiency on the east coast.), and evaluate her options, later, when her ducks are in a row. But oh, how change tempts her.