While her boyfriend called to reveal his birthday present to me, The Bestest Friend spent the conversation giggling in the background with the occasional slurring of discombobulated clichés such as “Either way, you’ll just know!” and “Seeing, believing!”

The Bestest Friend and I don’t do presents – it’s one of the many things that makes our relationship great, so I protested the gift even before I heard what it was. I protested even more once it was revealed.

Another friend called a few minutes later, drunk and ripe with details significant to only those in the inner circle. I reciprocated with my news.

“Mol, I met a new boy, a great boy, and I just found out that his name is [NAME].”

“Whoa. Crap. Well, [The Bestest Friend]’s boyfriend just bought the three of us plane tickets to [STATE].”

“WHAT. The Hell. You’re not going. Unacceptable. Or I will also go to prevent you from seeing anyone there.”

Without deciding exactly how I felt about The Bestest Friend’s social-science experiment or the other’s forbiddance/disregard for my ability to run my life, I called him to see if it was a situation that even needed analysis –which is how I handle most issues pertaining to him. I don’t play what-ifs or hypotheticals; all emotions are securely locked away, escaping only when absolutely necessary.

He’ll still be in town that week, that’s the week between his last final and graduation; he’s available.

And he would really like to see me.