Even though I was mentally done with it, the Vegas thing continues to be bounced around through email threads. They can’t let it die quietly. At one point, one of my friends tried to defend the bride, “Yes, but Mol, ALL singles weren’t invited to brings dates – she wasn’t purely excluding you.” As if that validates the behavior. And yes, maybe all singles, but I am the only single within this smaller sub-group – which is not a group of single girls, but couples-plus-Molly. Someone had even implied that yes, even though it was tactless behavior on the bride’s part, it was also tactless on my part not to attend just for a lack of date – after all, it was her wedding and she was allowed to invite whom she pleased.

Absolutely. I completely agree – your wedding, your rules. But am I wrong in interpreting this as a form of …. single discrimination? This Bride has literally NEVER met these friends’ plus-ones – she has no affection for them, no camaraderie, and some hold no long-term expectation. These dates will not enhance or add value to her special day in the least, save for enriching the event for her friends … for some of her friends. Those not in a relationship, the few of us, apparently don’t need the comfort or enrichment of a date. No one has been able to explain WHY only some matter.

Bottom line: the damage has been done and I’m over the trip, if not slightly still bruised from that singledom-cancer from which they seem to think I’m suffering. A kickass replacement trip might be needed – if only to slow the terminal effects of my disease. Expensive shoes and exotic vacations – isn’t that the recommended treatment? I should have agreed to go to Venezuela with my Baby Cakes when I had the chance. Did I ever mention that The Kid is now going on that trip? Literally the one person with whom I couldn’t third-wheel it. Booger.

I asked if I could stay in The Kid’s room while he was away – to visit the beach, Sweets and their new puppy. He said no. Because it would be weird or something. He’s never let me have any fun.

A possible option: One of my friends – a guy friend – has been drunk dialing me lately. Which is fine, I love a good drunk dial and didn’t think much of it until one of his texts asked me to please come visit. He lives in New York. I haven’t seen him in five years, and as I am in the market for a place-to-go, Manhattan might be a nice weekend spot for shopping and drinking. My one hesitation is that even though we’ve never hooked up, so there’s not that precedent (and I wouldn’t want to), but if I fly cross-country to meet him, is there the expectation to? Goes back to the rule: No one calls at 2am to be your friend. Can I clarify sleeping arrangements? Will that matter? Is this a weird situation? Probably.

Or maybe I need to look into alternative ideas. Either way, Vegas be damned, where’s my beach and umbrella drink? The world needs to stop harping on my Year-of-Awesome buzz.