The Bestest Friend immediately judged when she heard that I had been texting The Realtor; she was all, “And why were you calling in the first place, Ms Molly?” Um, dur, TO SEE IF COULD GET A REACTION, of course, do you know me at all? (And my point in telling you, dear Internet, her reaction is that please don’t think that I haven’t been scolded. Because I have and Fiddle-dee-dee, I don’t care. When have I ever claimed to make healthy choices? I’m like a rebellious teenager –ten years delayed).

Previously, he and I hadn’t been talking, at all, which is totally for the best because he’s a different person now than before, that person whom I used to like. But then I kinda found out (via text conversations that I am not supposed to be having with him! I am badass!) that he’s not a different person, he’s only been maintaining appearances –he’s unhappy and uses words like shitty and uncomfortable as relationship descriptions … and somehow I find some comfort in that? Some relief that at least he isn’t a COMPLETELY different person? He’s just a big fat liar? Does that count as a silver lining?

Yeah, no, probably not.

He now wants to hang out later this week to “maybe make food and watch a movie.” Huh? We don’t hang out, we never have, we’re not friends, and again, never have been. We don’t do stuff together. We have this weird imaginary thing not based on any tangible substance. Wtf.

Part of me is ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT against any hanging-out thing, but another part of me finds this situation odd enough to spawn HUGE curiosity. When he stopped by my house yesterday to return a movie, he was flirty and giggly. As if I made him nervous or something. GIGGLING. But now I almost feel like I have some sort of upper-hand (I don’t) and that maybe it would be interesting to hang out with him … ? At the least, a story …? Any takers to enable me to play on, playa?