I was not invited to bring a guest to the Vegas wedding. Everyone else, everyone within the small high-school clique whom all have a significant other, received an invitation addressed to “[Friend Name] and Guest” while my invitation read simply “Ms. Molly Elizabeth.”

The Bestest Friend had hoped it was a mistake –an oversight on the bride’s part. But since she is slightly prone to co-dependency and desperately wanted me on the trip, I called my married friend for a second opinion. When I told her that my invite only read my name, her theatrical breath intake (such a proper former-bride girly reaction!) was enough to make me smile –and confirm the bride’s tactless behavior. She verified that wedding protocol dictates strict rules regarding the addressing of invitations; all wording is a very, VERY deliberate process. “Molls, I’m sorry, but you spend an ASININE amount of time determining the proper way to address the wedding invitations – it’s slightly ridiculous how big a deal this one task can be.” My married friend (who is part of this same clique and remembers talking about wedding rules with [Vegas Bride] over our brunch) was extremely offended for me (as well as outraged over her lack of tact) – it was actually pretty sweet.

I’m not going. I was hesitant to go without a date but now knowing that a date isn’t even an option, I don’t feel welcome. I am expected to travel across the country for a couples’ weekend wedding without a plus-one. Also, since I constantly take things to the next step and my diagnosis of end-stage, poor prognosis for recovery, singledom-cancer was a sensitive subject with this group anyway, I have elevated their interpretation of this whole situation to: Molly, not only are you single and no one wants to date you and you’re going to die alone, BUT ALSO no one would want to even hang out with you for one evening. I’m a lost cause. And I KNOW it’s not the case and I am being melodramatic but seriously? She doesn’t know the others’ dudes, she’s only inviting the four of us (plus their three guests) from high school, I am the only one of the group that went to the same college as her (where we were fairly tight, not BFFs but would get together for lunch/coffee/drinks on occasion)– I just don’t get it, save for the whole single-and-hopeless-spinster thing.

I dunno, I’m hurt and I find this whole situation absurd, so I guess the best course of action is to forget it and find something extra awesome to act as substitute.