“There’s only one dude in your grad program? How’s that going?”

“We’re friends, he’s probably my favorite in the class, we flirt over gchat during lecture. The other day he was mockingly calling me baby.”

“Of course. Sorry, forgot whom I was talking to. He have a chance?”

“Dunno. Maybe. He’s a good guy – physically my type: tall, skinny, dark hair. Went to [very religious undergrad university] and a pastor’s son.”

“Shit. And there are no other dudes to distract you in the program?”

“He’s a GOOD GUY and I am not Satan; this MIGHT BE OK.”

“Jesus Christ, Molly, just leave the poor bastard alone. Nothing will end up happening anyway.”

“What if I am bored with nothing ever happening?”

“So make something happen. But with someone else. You’ll get bored of this guy in three months, tops. Probably less than three weeks. And then you’ll be awkward around him. If you want a fling, go for an asshole – at least you won’t be bored. You don’t do well with bored.”