To achieve equilibrium with the niceness The Nice One, I sometimes give him more grief than I would others – as I know he will laugh and counter with a fairly witty rebuttal. He balances my stress and reasons away my stressful drama with comments such as, “why are you wasting time upset when we could be flirting and having uncomfortable amounts of sexual tension between us?”

Since we rarely see each other anymore, we’ve started Internet dating (emailing), but our lighthearted banter is never overtly sexual. For example, when we were discussing the half-nude modeling of his swimwear collection and the possibilities for my matching wardrobe, he suggested, “and while I am modeling these speedos for you, will you be parading around in old prom dresses or some other sort of eye-catching loveliness?”

“Yes, with long white gloves and a parasol. I hope later we will go to dinner in our finery, me in my dress and you in your speedo.”

“We’ll be the hottest couple in town. No one will be able to challenge our pure sexuality. Parasols are so hot.”

Cute, right? He’s fun. Makes me smile. So what is wrong with me that I only want to keep this at the Internet-dating level? Why don’t I like the ones that could are good for me? Oh, also, after staying at the office until 9pm on a Friday night, he emailed the following message to my work account:

When you receive this it will be Monday morning and you will no doubt be crabby and stressed. Just remember that my speedo-clad body is just a short email away.

Have a great day! xoxo

Such a freaking nice guy. And not unattractive. What the hell is wrong with me? If he was an asshole, or even a little distant, I would be all over that. I think I need the dating scene needs to knock me to the ground a few more times to fully appreciate guys like him – for the most part, he’s wasted on someone like me.