Although I’ve never seen the movie, I’ve memorized the Steel Magnolias quote, probably from a sap-prone friend’s away message or facebook profile, as it seems to fit my dating approach:

” “I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”

The promise of thirty minutes of wonderful trips me up from settling for one that could keep me quietly content. I like those stomach-floppers, I search for them, even if their general wonderfulness only lasts thirty minutes. Not my lifetime perfect match –none of that soul-mate crap – but stomach-flop of wonderfulness.

Seems that I’ve grown tired of these guys whom I adore and, according to my friends, visibly adore me in return, but whom I can never have, not feasibly anyway. I might need a break from those guys and their allure of wonderful; whether I’m attracted to them because they are safe in that I can’t have them or because I only want what I can’t have, who knows, but my attachment to them is there, and has grown frustrating.

Question. What is the collective opinion on settling? In regards the dating scene? Not permanently. Just a temporary settle.

Wonderful is an addicting high, though. The smiles, the racing heart, the innuendos –gives me hope, makes me feel alive, even if the relationship never develops further than casual flirtation. It’s somehow worth it. But then again, maybe it’s overrated. I’m not saying I’m giving up on a search for a stomach-flipper, but what if I would chose someone safe that would bore me in say, three months. A three-month break. A steady, safe, NICE guy.

A route I’ve never really chosen before; I think I have a fear that the nice, safe choice would suck me in, eventually becoming a lifetime of nothing special.

And your opinion, my dear Internet: to settle or not to settle?