How is it that I’m a sucker for any guy that casually calls me Mol? I find it more adorable than almost all other nicknames, which is somewhat odd considering I associate the name with family not relationships? No idea why I find it endearing. Such being the case, the only straight male in my grad school program (he might need a shorter name) has just been elevated to a new comfort level. Either we’re buds or he’s plotting, remembering when I suggested (at the bar) that he should set a personal goal to sleep with as many females in our grad program as possible (he agreed that it was a good idea, especially after debating which ones were active candidates – again, we had been drinking). Maybe the Mol-usage is part of his plan to achieve that goal –what he had claimed to be doing all semester: setting the groundwork for total manipulation. If so, it’s working. For one/twenty of us, at least.