The past two years have not been my prime.

2007 was the year my heart broke, the year I learned depression, the year I spent devastated. 2007 was not a good year. In 2007, many times, getting through the day was enough. I was mostly a sloppy mess. In 2008, I picked myself up. 2008 was the year I glued my pieces together. I redefined my life in 2008, setting a new map and changing what my course had been. I accomplished a lot in 2008, especially in juxtaposition to the lows of 2007. 2008 was the year that I became me again.

2009 is going to be the year that I flourish. The year where maintaining is no longer good enough. I am ready for 2009 to kick some serious ass.

In 2009, I resolve to:

1. Write. I like this blog thing and want to keep it even if it’s worthless and self-indulgent.

2. Excel. My job and school are my highest priorities and I want to be awesome at them. No slacking.

3. Selective responsibility. I resolve to pick my responsible battles – to win battles like financial responsibility (Molly, you do not need more jeans PAY YOUR MORTGAGE) and to waiver on emotional responsibility (lessening my guard on some and letting go of others such as my anger towards The Kid –which I thought I had but then it takes just one blacked-out Christmas Eve to pick a fight and hang up on a person to realize that’s not true) and to lose the battle on thinking (I overanalyze way too much).

4. Revel (to include flirting and general socializing). This also includes going out with friends and meeting new people. I don’t need a dude to make me happy but does it sometimes help? Oh yes. If only for the sole purpose that smooching makes me happy. Last Saturday, I went out with three cute boys from work to play pool and drink cheap beer. When one of them asked me if my attendance meant that I go out now (ouch, sad, I am the girl that never goes out), I used my scapegoat excuse of typically being too tired/stressed from all the stuff I have going on, and he replied, “Yes, I can see how coming up with excuses is exhausting.” Touché, little bartender, tou-fucking-ché. This will require a stifling of my hermit tendencies and an increase of productivity/time management but new year, new leaf, I can do it.

5. Adventure. At least one really dumb or really great thing that results in an amazing story to tell my grandchildren. If December hits and I am still without one, I might need to get a tattoo of something ridiculously meaningless – like Betty Boop or a piece of fruit or my name spelled backwards.

6. Self-maintenance. Whether this entails running or reading or sleeping, I need to start structuring activities for me into my schedule. Keeps me sane.

2009 will be the year that I shine. The year that was incredibly amazing.

How about you? How would you describe your 2008 and what will 2009 be?