I almost ignored the calling of my archives because I didn’t want to see what I wrote last year. Avoiding any proof of failure is much preferred to succumbing to reality. But, hell, then I remembered that I am nosy and have no self-control. The result wasn’t good but definitely could have been worse – or maybe you would disagree, I have no idea, I am feeling negative today. Anyway, without further ado: 2008 Resolutions

1. Be conscious of money.

Yeah, I did this, somewhat. At least enough to buy a house. Grad school ain’t making my Visa look too great, however. New budgeting guidelines soon to be implemented.

2. Find a direction even if it is the wrong direction. This one, I hope, entails something young and frivolous (ie stupid); I am turning 25 this year and can’t justify those two attributes for too much longer. Or, if I want to be adult about it, I could continue my education. But you know, whatever.

Chose the boring adult route. Lame.

3. Make time for friends.

I tried. And for a while, I succeeded. But then this fall, my life somewhat exploded and my social life went to crap. I’ll carry this one over to next year.

4. Leave The Kid alone. Get over it already.

Ha. Hahahhahhahaahaahaha. Er. No comment.

5. Travel. As always.

Sure, I traveled some. I think I always want travel in theory but in practice I want adventure. I had little adventure this year. Not to say that I didn’t love Greece and my domestic ventures because I did … but … I really don’t know if I had any great tales of adventure and excitement. The travel was great … but not life-changing. I will get more into this on my new resolutions, and this one is another that will carryover, but with some modification and clarification.

New goals for 2009 to follow.