A friend has scheduled a destination wedding for Vegas in March. I’ve never been to Vegas nor have my high-school friends, the same clique that is friends with the bride-to-be, even thought we have always planned to make the trip. This wedding, we’ve decided, is the perfect opportunity to make Vegas happen.

A few email threads have passed back and forth, planning our girls weekend. Which is how it was explicitly sold. Girls Weekend in Vegas.

Until one mentioned that her boyfriend was also excited to go. His ticket has already been booked and it works perfectly! because his birthday is that weekend.

The other two friends, well, once the date floodgates were open, dates were on-board the bandwagon. The other two … well, one can’t NOT invite her HUSBAND and the other, her boyfriend’s father – who, by the way, has CANCER – lives four hours away and he wants to see him while he still can. Only a heartless bastard could say no to the cancer patient.

Now, as the lone single gal, I have a few options:

a) Go dateless. While they are cozy and coupley and flirty. A weekend of third-wheel-dom.

b) Invite a guy friend. Maybe one of the ones that I try to keep at a distance because I am not interested; one that I would hesitate to bring to a local wedding – but a few days in Vegas? Sure! Swell! No mixed signals there! Also, remember that most of the ones to whom I am closest have girlfriends. Boundary-crossing, much?

c) Invite one of my favorite girl friends. Which is where I am leaning, but I feel like this is the somehow taboo – to bring another female into the cliquey girls-weekend dynamic. My friends wouldn’t be exclusive and bitchy, but I could still see it being … off. But then, they have dates, so I guess I don’t care.

d) Not go. And start the precedent that I need a date to attend all activities in the future, ensuring that I am dependent on other people to have fun. Not to mention anti-feminist. Awesome.

I want to experience Vegas with them but not necessarily them and their dates. Would much rather spend that vacation fund on visiting friends around the country. I have a long travel To-Go List. But then, I also don’t want any pity – either from not going or going alone. Advice? WW[The Internet]D?