I honestly don’t remember the last time this happened to me: I’m bored.

Starting in September, I was placed into a new role at work, one that was time-consuming and time-sensitive. For that reason, I rarely took PTO, as I had so many details to coordinate and assemble – even though the PTO would have been very helpful with the school-starting, exam-taking, house-buying and general life craziness. I now have many MANY days in which to use before the end of the year, else I lose them. This week, without work or school and only scheduled for serving one day this week, I have nothing to do. I have free time. I never have free time.

I’m a little lost.

I … pace a lot.

This extra time things somewhat fascinates me – not enough to wish this was my life always, because I am going crazy and it’s been a week, but enough to be slightly intrigued. Things that I did today that typically don’t happen because THERE IS NEVER TIME:

1. Made coffee
3. Spent an hour filling out rebate forms. Rebates? People do these? Who has time to fill out a coupon to receive a check at a later date for $7? Apparently people whom only work part-time. Guarantee that, for as much as I can always use $7, I won’t have time to deposit the stupid check once the rebate people mail it to me. I’d bet $7 on it.
4. Cooked lunch. Should I repeat that? COOKED. LUNCH. Are you as impressed with me as I was? A real meal. With like, vegetables and stuff. Apparently lunch can consist of other ingredients than Wheat Thins and peanut butter. Who knew.
5. Shaved my legs. For the second time this week. And I know this is normal for like, normal people, but I honestly have very slow-growing/thin/blonde leg hair (plus, I’m working with that whole laziness factor … and it’s not like I am getting daily play, so … you know, why bother.)
6. Laundry. Again, something that normal people do on a fairly regular basis but I have enough clothing and under-garments –can I call them ‘unmentionables’ because I always found that phrase amusing? And then you say, “Don’t mention them!” and I will giggle a bit at our joke –to last for five-plus weeks, it’s never high on my priority list.
7. Painted my toenails. In winter. When I will be wearing thick socks.

It’s not that I am complaining about this extra time, I just don’t really know what to do with it. My To-Do List in nearly complete; I’ve finished a month’s worth of odd chores and errand-type jobs in one week’s time. I’ve yet to start painting, but narrowing the color palate has proved difficult. I tried reading a book, but it wasn’t keeping my attention span because I felt like it was too much of a luxury –that I should be up! And out! And being productive! I’ll try again tomorrow – I’m typically a big reader, it must have been a fluke. Do you, my dears, have any book recommendations? My brain has proved that it doesn’t want to think too hard, yet I can’t stand any inane chick-lit. Oh – and nothing hugely depressing (anything abuse-related ala Oprah’s Book Club need not apply).