Two texts from The Realtor:

“You get me in trouble. The girl I’m seeing knows I have a crush on you. She’s jealous to say the least.”

“You have a fairly good read on me. We have a weird connection. Not being creepy about it, I just think we do.”

Is the concept of honor completely foreign? Morals? Respect? Any of that sound familiar? Has it been lost on him that these games are not only dishonorable to me but to his girlfriend? What the hell. To string along only one girl at a time, would that really be asking too much? (And I realize that yes, I still talk to my ex, but I at least get that if I was dating someone, I wouldn’t think it unreasonable to chose present over past.) Also, side note, yes, his number is still not saved in my phone, but unfortunately, now that he’s been texting, I have the number memorized. Goddammit.