My house-warming party is this weekend. For this grand event, The Sister wants Rockband on the top floor, I want Beruit and flip-cup in the garage, and on the middle floor, we both want a lot of booze and snacks to ensure the variety of worlds colliding will at least be drunk and well-fed when attempting awkward conversation. Invitations (via evite and Facebook) have been distributed and guests ranging between 40 and 80 are expected to attend for varying lengths of time (it’s technically an “open house”). Forty to 80 tells me nothing, especially since numbers don’t necessarily translate smoothly into quantities as my college friends will drink more than my family members.

If I were to go to The Beer Store tomorrow, I would buy two kegs but is that enough? My friends can drink a lot, and I would rather have too much than too little. Two kegs plus back-up liquor? My Wine Bar people are planning on coming after the restaurant closes, which translates to 1am or so, and I promised that if they make the drive out to the ‘burbs, I will have booze for them. Also, what about food? Again, would rather have too much than too little. And final neurotic question: as many as twenty people will be camping on my floor; do I need to stock blankets/pillow from my parents’ house or will my six(ish) comforters suffice?

I want this party to have drinking, happiness and many randoms enjoying the company of other randoms. For worlds to collide in a good way. And maybe some drunken dancing, too. Now. How do I accomplish this goal?