Last night, Baby Cakes and I went on one of our dates, which involved excessive amounts of Chinese food; something I should probably confess, I’ve been long-suffering from the rare but terminal disease: Chinese-overeating syndrome. I’m just a victim here, kids. It involves being unable to think rationally when faced with a Chinese menu and, against better judgement, ordering and subsequently eating much too much food. For the two of us to share, I usually order three entrees and one appetizer, and I limit myself only with that amount because he doesn’t allow me to order more. He is what we call a buzzkill. Which is why I prefer delivery so I can pull the how did these cream-cheese wontons get in our order? Am a tricky girl. In my defense, how can a person say no to reasonably-priced fried meat covered in sodium, sugar, spice and MSG? It’s biologically impossible. There’s been studies. And it’s so delicious why would anyone want to? Yesterday I tried to be “healthy” and ordered one entree because it came with broccoli; the plate had literally three stalks and sadly accounted for my daily vegetable intake. Chinese:1; Molly:0. ANYWAY, this is not my point of this post because I am supposed to have a question on Thursdays and an obsession with Chinese is not a question (because it does not end with one of the five W’s + H. See? I know things. My mom’s a teacher). This (so tasty) dinner was all a prelude to our evening’s event: The Baxing, as Baby Cakes is spending the weekend on the beach with The Kid and Sweets –the three of whom, by the way, have already called drunk, ripe with Sarah Palin impressions, because they KNOW it is my worst fear that I sound like her and need reminding whenever at the bar that NO I CANNOT SEE RUSSIA FROM MY HOUSE but oh yes, isn’t it funny every time? (Internet, if we ever become friends in real-life and I slip-up on my accent-dulling diligence, please ignore my aboots. I will love you that much more.) Ok, finally, the point, my question for you: Similar to waxing a friend’s back so he’s confident on the beach, what do you do for a friend because it’s a friend but under no circumstances would you do for anyone else? Or you could just tell me about your favorite Chinese menu item … because I would like to hear that, too.