me: henceforth everything shall end in ‘bama
Kid: no. it most certainly shall not
me: it absobamalutely shall
Kid: i’m going to stop talking to you now
me: well, sort of … does not necessarily need to end in ‘bama
Kid: doesn’t it
me: just have an obama-type pun. Do you need some examples?
Kid: no
me: ok. Let me know if you change your mind
Kid: yeah i will
me: you mean you bama?
Kid: this is getting old. You’re kind of a loser.
me: you mean a lobamser?
Kid: I’m seriously not talking to you anymore.

*He was actually always really tolerant of me – if only because I found myself amusing and he was amused at my amusement. Today marked my least productive day in my history with this company. I am staying late to finish a presentation because my day mostly consisted of preoccupation with election coverage. And posting three times, apparently. I’m totally trying to get NaBloPoMo extr-obama-credit.