The bipartisan political system here in the States is not perfect. I get that. But I don’t get how people can straight-up refuse to vote out of spite for the political system. Guess what – the political system? DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SPITE.

Senior year of undergrad while desperately trying to double-major, I took a class called The Economics of Human Behavior, which among many theories, dissected the rewards for voting. I hated this theory. It stated that for all the time/energy/effort that it takes to become an informed voter, the reward is not great enough. One single vote doesn’t count enough to justify the work. (See? Crappy theory. It also involved graphs and charts, but we won’t get into those, as my optimistic ideology still refuses to give this theory any evidentiary support.)

My point, however, is that yes, it takes time to become informed. And one vote doesn’t count for a lot. But it counts for SOMETHING. And if having a base knowledge on all the issues is too much, pick one – or hell, go crazy and pick two. Have a voice and participate – voting is one of the greatest gifts that we have and for people to take that for granted or to throw that gift away makes me so upset. For all our problems, would you prefer communist Russia? The worst part is that this select non-voting group of people is so goddamn SELF-RIGHTEOUS when they tell me that they don’t vote and can list excuses such as a faulty political system or evil candidates, etc., blah. THESE REASONS ONLY MAKE ME WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE EVEN MORE.

Ok, enough, end rant. Vote tomorrow.

Also? I drove to work today behind a “Nobama 08” bumper sticker which, whatever – support your candidate, don’t spew hate for mine –but even worse, the sticker was on a Prius. Um … Dear hybrid car driver, you’re stupid. Respectfully, Molly

Happy Monday, Loves.