The phone calls were unlike any that we’ve had before. They were … chatty. And not chatty as in length, we’ve had those before, but chatty as in him calling to … chat. I understandably found this weird. When he asked, Hi, how’s your day?, I skeptically responded, “Um, fine, what’s with you?” and later, when he called to say, Hey, I just got off work, what are you doing right now? Oh, you’re driving to your second job? Maybe I will stop by and say hi, I was even more weirded out. Um, no, you won’t visit me while I’m working and what is with this attention YOU’RE BEING WEIRD AND CREEPING ME OUT.

On Sunday, I called to ask him a question and was leaving a message (and sanctimoniously lecturing him on his tendency to screen more than any person ever) when he texted mid-voicemail to say, “I’d pick up but I’m at a show and you wouldn’t be able to hear me. What’s up?” WHAT THE HELL, doesn’t he realize that he is the one who screens without response which then causes me needless irritation? I texted back to say that I had a question, was driving through downtown, couldn’t text, but the question wasn’t too important so nevermind; he said that he was downtown, too, and did I want him to come meet up with me?


Since I didn’t want to hang out downtown, he then asked if I wanted him to come over for a scrabble game. Even though it was late, he promised it would be really quick. Scrabble at midnight? Are you kidding? Is Scrabble some weird, sick foreplay that we have? Is that literally the only thing we have in common? After rejecting the late-night Scrabble, I told him to quit being weird because I don’t know what to expect from him when he’s not being sketchy. He laughed and told me to sleep well. Um. Ok, seriously, what the hell game is he playing now? He is not supposed to initiate the contact nor any type of hanging-out time. I ask, he rejects; those are our roles. What’s with this weirdness?