I won’t get through this month without cheating and I feel comfortable admitting that because well, fuck, at least I’m being honest and one always gets points for honesty. And I like points. To make the cheating legit, my posts will have a veritable theme, as outlined below:

Mondays: The Airing of Grievances. Mondays are not good for me, and I want to punch mostly everyone in the face. Sometimes twice. And sometimes with a metal bat. Mondays will be spent bitching – to get that out of the way for the week. Contributions and tirades more than welcome.

Tuesdays: Questions Asked. I will ask a question -something EXTREMELY insightful and deep, I am sure –and ask, nay PLEAD, for your advice/input. Because I am needy.

Thursdays: Questions Answered. Ask me a questions. I might answer it. Maybe. As long as it’s in my comfort zone and not like, how much I weigh or the last time I got laid. Be reasonable here, kids.

Sundays: Pictures. Those long-lost Greece photos? My favorite piazza in Italy? Maybe my new house? Text may or may not accompany the picture, as it’s SUNDAY and I don’t even like to shower on Sunday much less the exhausting and daunting task of TYPING.

And there you have it. Happy November. I’m excited to hear what you guys come up with.