“Ha, oh sure.”

“Really? We could totally make out tonight. We can just lock ourselves in your room and just make out. Nothing else.”

“Ha, in my pathetic tiny bed since my new one isn’t coming until tomorrow? And I have my period so no, there would be nothing else. But awkward man, you can’t come over to make out, that’s awkward.”

“Haha, first time making out is always awkward … there’s no better time for a first make out than when you have your period. Then no bad decisions are made.”

“Oh whatever, you’d bitch about the pain blah blah. Besides my first kiss, I’ve never had any other first kiss sober. It’s one of my favorite responses for the I’ve Never game.”

“Fine. When am I taking you out drinking?”



“I don’t know, sometime? This is too much premeditation for me.”

“Fine. Go to sleep. It will be so nice when we can talk openly about our magical and electric attraction.”

“Yeah, that does not sound like a conversation I will ever have ever. Puke. Not that we have conversations since you ignore me.”

“Ohhh, I see, I didn’t realize you needed that much attention. Besides, you haven’t fully decided if you only want me as a noodle.”

“You don’t know that. And of course I need attention, how else will I feel validated as a person?”

“Maybe I am just being aloof and mysterious.”

“Well, stop being a shithead.”