He called me a tease. A tease and a man-eater. I tried to argue that I am a flirt (good character defense, no?) but not a tease, as no action takes place and action is the quintessential difference between tease and flirt. He said that I do more than flirt, leading the guy down a dangerous, winding path until finally the guy thinks, hey, she might really be into me and I might actually have a shot with this chick … and that’s when, according to him, I eat them. Eat them whole. Which is why I go for the spineless noodles – they’re easier to eat, less of a fight. He gave a few reasons as to my motivation and justifications, a few of which were true (such as: was hurt by an ex and afraid of being hurt again). Regardless, he told me I tease boys and then eat them, the poor bastards.

He, of course, is the exception. He, apparently, is so “incredibly amazing” that I cannot help myself. My typical boy-rules are inapplicable as I am electrically attracted to him. Electrically. A word he subsequently would then throw into texts at random, an arbitrary: “electric.”, usually followed with his customary hahaha or smiley face.

A few days ago, randomly, he said that he had contacted the power company and he had been mistaken about the electricity and he was officially giving up on me. When I was disappointed and conveyed as such, his reaction was slightly exasperated, “Too bad about the power company?? You’re the one that tipped me off about the power outage!”

Although I tried to pry into his head about the why’s and what-brought-this-on’s, he didn’t have an answer (I think he’s just used to getting what he wants immediately?), until he ended the conversation with, “Well, then, my giving up on you could either be a preemptive measure or a manipulative tactic … or neither.”

I had thought to end it there to wait and see it play out, but yesterday, after all of your heated comments about how I am not allowed to accept any invitations to sleep in his bed, I wrote to him (yes, we deal mainly in text format), “’I’m giving up’ … such a bullshit thing to say, you martyr. As if you’ve done any effort besides, hey come make out.”

And received this response, “You’re right. I’ll be more traditional in my approach if I decide to ‘un’ give up. ;-)”


Oh the game. He is so loving this.