After agreeing to share a hotel bed with me–because we’d probably end up sharing one regardless –after the wedding reception, he stipulated that it was my job to ensure that our friends (who are also staying in our hotel room) understand that they are banned from having sex while we’re in the room. Not because the noises and general awkwardness but because he would feel pressured to then seduce me and turn his performance into a competition with them. And he wants to protect my virtue. When I laughed at his bluff, he called mine, “Ah, MollyE, I guess we’ll see what happens.”

I might not see him too often, but every time, I remember how much I adore him – and have since high school. He makes me laugh so easily. I wonder if it’s more the novelty of him than the actual person. If I saw him regularly, I wonder if I would appreciate him as much. I hope I would. But then, if that were true and it was more than novelty, I probably would make more of an effort to integrate him into my life on a regular basis.