In the quest for answers, a casual conversation must first be established:

“Grad school, two jobs, a new mortgage payment, do you think I’m crazy?”

“No, I think it just means you need to get a boyfriend so you can have sex.”

Q1: Will he have a reaction to other dudes?

“Oh, hey, speaking of which, the nice guy I told you about asked me out.”

“The lame one? Did you say no?”

“Of course not, I would never turn anyone down who had the balls to ask.”

“No one? Well, that’s good to know. I mean, in case it’s been a while since my friends have been out, I can tell them I know a girl who’s a sure thing. Or if I’m ever in a slump –which OBViously rarely happens –I can give you a call … But just so you know, I have sex on the first date.”

(He found this statement hilarious)

“Yes, thank you, I am a great last resort. And you’re missing my closing [August 29th]? So there’s going to be strangers sitting across the table? Are you sure you don’t want to change your flight?”

“I was actually thinking about it – a whole week alone with my parents is going to be tough, usually I bring a girlfriend for entertainment, but this time, I don’t have one.”

Q2: Does that mean the girlfriend is not in the picture at all?

“Why don’t you bring Glitter?”

“Oh, believe me, Glitter really wants to come.”

Q3: Will I see him after we don’t have this house as an excuse?”

“Well, since you’re skipping town for my closing, maybe I’ll see you when I get back – you will be right in my new neighborhood.”

“Oh, I’m going to be hanging out there – it’s a pretty sweet place, after all.”