This weekend, a friend and I are spending the Fourth in Denver, CO. I’ve never been to Denver and am pretty excited for all the Coors and mountain views. But it gets better. When her cousin, a local resident, volunteered to share his sleeping accommodation and act as host, we never thought he would plan actual activities –we were content with our Day: Pool; Night: Bar agenda — but he did. Besides rafting and clay-pigeon shooting, he somehow got us great seats for a soccer game. Well, maybe I should rephrase. Amazing seats. Our seats are on the field. Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal. I watch sports from the field. Although sports have never really been my thing, I am pretty sure the beer tastes better and the soccer players look hotter when sitting that close. And also? The fireworks display will be set from the field. Where we will be. Because our seats are on the field.

This weekend should be really good.

Happy Fourth, loves.