He told his dad about me. And looked me up on Facebook.

He blurted this info at our third meeting; after hearing it, I stayed for over an hour to talk to him. The hour went well. He made me smile – more than anyone else has been able to in a long time.

There’s a thing, of course. There’s always a thing.

He’s … kind of from Boston. (I know, right? Another one. Just what I need.)

We met during my house hunt; he’s a realtor in the development where I may buy. While touring one of the properties, he mentioned his hometown and I perked up – a result of the preceding six years – and I expressed surprise that he was able to leave Manny (one of my favorite Red Sox players) “even though he likes to fight too much.” Like any Boston boy, the Manny reference automatically initiated a response, prompting him to ask about my fight allusion. I was surprised he didn’t hear about it; The Kid, who only told me because it happened between two of my favorite players, breathes Red Sox baseball, even long distance, so I had assumed most fans do the same. Apparently, not necessarily. Which is why he told his dad.

“Didn’t your dad think that was weird I knew something about your team?”

“No, he thought it was awesome.”

The hour in his office was enlightening – I learned about his past (thirteen years of Catholic education, including a pseudo boarding school; Me, exasperated: “Oh, how very coastie!” and Him, with an answering wink: “You like that one, huh?”), his family (He’s “the prodigal only child”) and his interests (movies, music, PS3). He also plays guitar –and I think he plays it well. And yes, I did confess that I only knew about his team because I used to date someone from the area – best not to set any sports-loving precedents.

The hour in his office passed quickly and went better than most first dates. When he finally admitted to Facebooking me, I asked, “Did you friend me?”

“No, I thought I would tell you first – otherwise, it’s a little creepy.”

And so now we’re friends, on Facebook at least. Odd that I can’t decipher any sparks or butterflies, as of yet, but I can see myself dating this one.