Our business meeting was casual but I was still surprised when he took the call.

“Hey there.” And a pause. “What’s up?” His voice had a smile. His wife of less than a year needed directions. “West. No, that’s south. Go away from our house. Toward the lake.” Once she was headed the right way, they talked few more minutes, not with mushy sentiment but not like she was one of his dudes either. Somewhere of a balance. It was clear how happy she made him. I was interested to see how he would end the conversation; endearments or love proclamations didn’t fit his style. He quietly and simply said, “See you later.”

He didn’t apologize or make excuses for the call. Not that I wanted them. She was his priority, which was evident.

For some reason, this five minute exchange stuck with me. Maybe I am starting to believe in love again. At least in the quiet kind. The kind that has nothing to prove to the public eye. Maybe some people do find it.