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After seeing the main highlights our first day, we saw a few less-notable, random places on day two. A national park, which included a “zoo” with cages filled with chickens, donkeys, and a cat. Just a cat. A housecat. I didn’t take a picture at the time because, hello, it’s a cat … but I wish I would have captured the exhibit as evidence.

Somehow, we stumbled into the changing of the guard, who wear pleated skirts and shoes with giant poof-balls and will hold their legs in the air for minutes at a time, posing better than most yoga aficionados:

(If you notice, between their skirt and wool leggings, they have thick, white boxer-briefs. Ugh, I cannot imagine how much they want to melt in the summer heat. Maybe the skirts help create a breeze? I wonder if Greek women carry a cliched love of a man in uniform, waiting for the opportunity to tear off his … skirt in the heat of passion. But then again, since these men had more muscle than any other Greek man I saw, the ladies may have due cause to excuse the dress.)

We traveled up the highest mountain where Athens’ never-ending cement architecture was fully displayed (the Acropolis can be seen on the grassy hilltop in the second pic):

In the early evening, we took a tram to a nearby beach town. During cocktail hour, we received free shots from the bartender, which would also turn into a common theme, without knowing exactly what was in the glass. Sometimes it was Bailey’s based (such as here) and other times closer to household cleanser. But it was free. And, despite bad flavor, we really like free.

We walked along the beach. Viewing the water and the sites. I loved seeing that, amidst the Greek-slang ridden graffiti, apparently love is international:

And we finished our day watching the sunset.