Remember me? It’s Molly. I used to write here.

After failing to meet any shipping heirs (or really any boys, more on that later) and therefore forgoing any Greek elopement possibilities, I have returned to the U.S. My trip concluded last night, after 24 hours of travel, eight of which were spent delayed at the Newark airport. Not the best situation, but I do love airports, so the delay was annoying but did not cause me to dramatically writhe on the cold, tile floor from excruciating pain. Though I did debate about the possibility. Just because I was craving attention.

The trip, needless to say, was wonderful. I highly recommend the venture. We had an amazing time.

We is myself and my cousin, who is named, sorry for this, another ‘Olly name. I know. The people we met while traveling thought we were giving fake names too. But maybe it added to our mystique. My ‘Olly Cousin is 34, single, works in PR, and lives in Seattle. Growing up, her dad was a pilot, which meant frequent trips to Minneapolis with airline discounts and family passes, and, as a result, she never felt like an out-of-town relative. We’re closer to sisters, and since our moms are sisters, the similarities were so much like our respective parent that at times, it was creepy and other times, it gave me an incredible insight to their dynamic. Either way, we got along splendidly.

We stayed in the Cycladic islands, visiting Santorini, Naxos, Paros, and Mykonos, and traveled with a balance of culture and relaxation. Each day, we would try to accomplish something meaningful before fully becoming acclimated to the island life. We’ve both done the backpacking-through-Europe thing, heavily saturated with history, museums and tours; this time, we wanted time to chill. Not to say that we ignored the sights, but after spending an hour at an ancient fortress or mythic temple, we rewarded ourselves with mid-day beer or five hours at the beach. All of life is a balancing act.

More later, pictures especially, but right now I am going to spend the rest of the day devoted to my work inbox.