I somehow managed to lose my camera the day before my trip. GODAMMIT, WORLD, I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO PLAY GAMES. (But … ONE DAY! I am leaving for Athens TOMORROW. If you could see me right now, you would see me doing a little dance. In my cube at work. I wish it was something cool like a Rumba or something equally exotic sounding, but all I really know is the Hokey-Pokey. And the chicken dance. Awesome.)

Last night spent doing the equally important tasks: toe-nail painting and packing – and the packing mostly entailed organizing the clothing already piled onto my suitcase and deeming select pieces worthy. I’m pretty proud that my packing was even in the piling stage so far in advance; usually before any trip I pull a night-before all-nighter with laundry typically starting ‘round midnight. But, alas, The Brother is graduating college this weekend and his grad party is tonight. My social calendar is disrupting my procrastination, I hate when that happens.

My most recent Greece weather update was 68-degrees. Unacceptable. It’s 68-degrees here. The Internet must be wrong; I packed optimistically for warmer weather.

My packing for a trip like this is much less stressful than any other packing, probably because I would rather pack less than carry more. Wear, Rinse, Repeat. A few pairs of pants, many short-sleeve/sleeveless shirts, two skirts, two sundresses: mix and match as needed. She who finds the most combinations from the limited amount of pieces: wins. If I smell, I smell; if I am cold, I have a fleece; if I wear the same going-out shirt each night, I wear the same shirt.

I have a travel journal which will be updated regularly and I will try and transfer those stories here as often as possible. Unless, of course, I spend each waking moment with my Greek-shipping-heir boyfriend –in that case, updates may need to wait until I return home.

All that’s left on my pre-travel agenda: arrive at airport on time. Oh, and I have to find that damn camera. But Greece! Am so excited.