My boss, his boss, and I are close. They started as wine bar regulars, and therefore my drinking buddies, before progressing to boss and boss’s boss. It’s a nice perk. Nice not only having automatic friends at a new job, but having high-powered friends who find it amusing to plan meetings such as DAOD (Day after out drinking) session (location TBD) from 8am to 10am or late-afternoon business lunches that start with an $85 bottle of wine.

After a recent happy hour with them, I left relatively early to join some of my girls. Later that evening, my boss texted me, “How’s the ice cream and cookie dough?” (Would’ve been odd if they were only my bosses, but as wine bar regulars, they’ve always occasionally texted and I typically find it amusing.)

I responded, “We’re more red wine and Jack kind of girls”

“That sounds like a disgusting combination.”

Back and forth we listed combinations that had to be worse than Jack Daniels and red wine. Tequila and Skittles. Fluffer Nutter and Arbor Mist. Pop Rocks and lambic. Mike’s Hard Lemonade and … anything. With one, I had an exception.

“Vodka and Milk Duds.”

“Dude, that’s also known as my breakfast smoothie.”

He loved it, conceded the battle, and left me to my evening. I thought the conversation was long forgotten, but this morning, a basket containing vanilla vodka and Milk Duds were on my desk. For a little morning wake-up. How freaking fantastic. Now I just need a blender.