After Easter dinner, while drinking wine and picking at my dessert – and everyone else’s dessert – I was conversing with one of my cousins’ kids, the youngest, who was a gossip hot spring.

She was telling me about school and the stress from all things Kindergarten related: creative pressure during art, the physics of stacking blocks properly, the hierarchy and political strife stemmed from playing house. And show and tell! How to please the audience with something new and interesting to show and then tell. Her best item was when she shared gossip, gossip from the highly-evolved fifth-grade level, because one of her classmates’ sisters HAD DUMPED her cousin just yesterday. The class, she said, was outraged.  Her teacher, however, was a little upset at her dramatic finger-pointing.

She then asked if I had a boyfriend, which is always a fun question, and I said no and, because I had been drinking for a few hours, I added, “I have some issues but, dude, I am totally working on them, which is good because I really like cute boys and I don’t want to hate them all, ya know? Boys that smell good and make you laugh, really, is there anything in the world that is better? Life is complicated sometimes I guess.”

To which she, quite adorably, nodded with complete understanding and said, “There’s just so much pressure.”

Dude. I totally know.