How can an IM conversation with a cute boy

Him: hey there i was thinking i should call you yesterday, then you called me this morning, procrastination DOES pay off

who was less than flattering

Me: But i am pretty self involved
Him: we know
Him: that came out wrong
Me: uh huh
Him: you can’t see me laughing when Im typing

and has one of those “healthy” relationships

Him: i’m missing jeopardy right now
me: whoa. i understand if you need to go
Him: i’m just messing around. i do have to go pick up [Girlfriend] though
Me: inchoate was my word of the day if you need to learn something … you still pick her up everyday?
Him: no only when i talk to you it seems
Me: aww, how barfingly cute
Him: it gets better. its so we can go to bed bath and beyond
Me: shut. up.
Him: shoot me now

still make me smile three days later?