Internet, I missed you.

Our vacation condo did not have internet access. Our beautiful 3 bedroom, 4 bath, multi-million-dollar beachfront condo had no Internet. The neighbors did not have any that I could steal either.  How is that possible? Also, how is it possible that a former teacher, my mom’s friend, gave us the use of her beautiful condo and Lexus for over a week? This is the same person who lent me her convertible one summer because she was sick of it crowding her garage, making it difficult for her kids to get their bikes, and I’d be doing her a big favor to take it and could I “try to get it up to 5,000 miles because it needs an oil change?” and if something were to happen to it, “it’s just a car Molly.” Everyone needs such a friend like that; everyone should be such a friend. Internet, if I ever have money, which, you know, is highly doubtful, but IF please remember that I promised all of you that you can stay in any of my vacation homes, free of charge, just because I adore all of you. (See? Do you see how much I missed you?)

Anyway, GORGEOUS location, lots of sun, no Internet. The no Internet thing was actually kind of great in the beginning because I had Mai Tai’s to drink in the sun – much more important than checking email.

But then four days passed and I started to feel a little claustrophobic. Because of ALL THE POTENTIAL THINGS THAT COULD BE GOING ON IN THE WORLD. And yes, I watched CNN and my boyfriend Jon Stewart, especially when on the treadmill (and I like how they are categorized in the same sentence, as if they were both Very Credible News Sources), but they never gave me updates on the important things – like Shanti or Fish or any of my other loves. Disgraceful.

But now, I am back. Back in (cold, blustery) Minnesota. Back online. I couldn’t be happier.

Also, side note, today I turn 25. I hate my birthday. The attention makes me uncomfortable – I prefer to eat Chinese in my sweats to celebrate but I don’t think my friends will let me get away with that. But I do like that a new year is starting. And as 24 sucked balls, I can’t wait to see what 25 is going to bring.