The blind date was at our mutual friends’ house for boozing and board games. Although I was slightly worried that the married couple might be too observant and awkward, I was appreciative for their buffering presence, especially considering they are both women and I was slightly apprehensive in their ability to pick out dudes. Can a vegetarian judge a steak? (I deeply apologize for that analogy) Worst case scenario was an evening drinking with the ladies.

Appearance-wise, he was cute. Dark hair, blue eyes. Straight teeth, good smile. Somewhat on the short side; a negative because I am CRAZY and height is one of my things –I have a friend who dumped a guy because his lips were not PINK enough so I feel I can have one systematic, quixotic judgment, too.  (Ok, I maybe have quite a few.)

Remember my thing with nice guys? Well, my firefighter was nice but made me smile.  He would laugh at my suggestive comments. And return with his own. He would flirt and make me blush. He wouldn’t be afraid of a fistfight (not with me, just in general). And (even though he never did) he’d be man enough to make a move.

This one is not only nice, but he is wholesome. And very … enthusiastic. Enthusiastic! About life!

I’m used to the asshole, the cynic; hell, even the player. The honesty and enthusiasm, which SHOULD have been refreshing, threw me … threw me in a: whoa, you’re so nice I am worried about offending your politically-correct sensibilities type of way.

I like to laugh; I like to tease; I like to flirt. I like someone that incites varying degrees of emotion. Passion from all ends of the spectrum. He and I could be good friends –good, even-keel friends. With great conversation and familial affection. A friend that enjoys playing board games and drinking wine until late into the evening. But when it comes to guys to date, I need someone that provokes that little something extra.