I’m bored, let’s play a game. Who would you pick?

1. Brandon or Dylan or David: Dylan, always Dylan. Had a small thing for David in the later episodes, but that was soon forgotten when Dylan returned and fell in love with Toni.

2. Seth Cohen or Ryan Atwood: Seth.  Tall, skinny, dorky? Witty and annoyingly goofy? Yes, please.

3. Dawson or Pacey: “between Dawson and Pacey, or anyone and Pacey, THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS PACEY, fool”

4. Big or Aidan: Big.

5. McDreamy or McSteamy or Alex or George or Burke: Alex. Although I want to pretend I don’t go for the player, I totally do and Alex has enough of that confidence without the sketchiness of McSteamy. McDreamy = too nice, George = too … George. Burke, although I am not all about his character, gave me some hesitation because I bet he has really great hands. And then I realized they are all surgeons (yes, surgeons, not actors, don’t ruin this for me) and I bet they all have really great hands.

6. Chandler or Joey or Ross: Would take either over Ross. Barf.

7. Dr. John Carter or Dr Luka Kovac or Dr Doug Ross or Dr Tony Gates or Dr Ray Barnett: I had to google for the latest ER cast, hence the inclusion of the doctor titles, since I have not watched the show in nine-plus years. I thought George Clooney would be the automatic shoo-in, but then google tells me the beautiful Shane West is on the show? I am intrigued.

8. Mike Delfino or Carlos Solis or Tom Scavo or Orson Hodge or Ian Hainsworth: Tom. Their marriage is freaking cute.

9. Sawyer or Jack Shephard: Jack. I don’t watch the show, but I was a fan of Matthew Fox on PO5.

10. Justin or Rob Lowe (Does his character have a name?  Does is matter?): Justin. Totally take the scruff over the too-pretty congressman.  I am very smitten.

Your turn.