“How is he doing –The Kid –how is he?”

“He’s good, doing really well, I think.”

“He is? Good, I worry. So he is happy with her?”

“Yeah, seems to be.”

“Baby Cakes, do you like her?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Mols, but I do.”

“We’re not anything alike.”

“No, you’re not. At all.  But I am too stoned and drunk for you to be asking me these things, you really shouldn’t ask, I will answer everything.”

“Oh yeah? How’s their sex life?”

“Mols. Fuck. I know they have sex and I haven’t heard any complaints.”

“Babe, does he use any of my nicknames on her?”

“What nicknames?”

“He used to –and still does sometimes –call me Love, Sweetheart, and, when he wanted to annoy me, Molly Bear.”

“No. He doesn’t. The most I have heard is [add an unnecessary y to her name].”

“Ok. Thank you.”

“Don’t tell anyone I told you.”

“I won’t.”