Today I was informed that I will be fulfilling a new role within the company which will require travel. REQUIRE travel. What glorious words. My first trip will be next week (so soon!) to Texas; fucking sweet not only because have I never seen Texas but I also know a cute boy* who lives within the 20-minute driving radius. We already have dinner plans, and I am very excited to see him.

But with the excitement comes anxiety. I haven’t seen him in three years, so the pressure is ON to look good. Although this boy and I never dated, I still feel like it is on par with having dinner with an ex.  I don’t want him calling our mutual friends to discuss how far downhill I have gone; I don’t THINK I have gotten fatter or uglier but I do tend to live in my own little world. And don’t memories tend to be nicer than reality? What if he remembers me better than I actually am? Basically, I cannot merely look good, I need to look BETTER. Better than what? I don’t know … better than EVER? Yes, that makes sense.

Granted the anxiety stemmed from the pressure to look good is not enough to like, work-out or something silly like that, but enough that I will maybe swear off chocolate for two days and buy (more) new clothes (more? I know I know, but I need to be PREPARED and my emergency stash has nothing in it for this occasion. At least not more than one option and I need options).

And so, my question for you, Internet, is: what the hell do I buy wear? Please take into consideration the warm Texan weather, my white Minnesotan skin and, above all, my desire need to look smokin’. Can I wear tall boots with a skirt? Jeans, a tank and heels? HOW DO I LOOK HOT WHILE HIDING PASTY SKIN? Advice?

*Do you even need to ask? Of course this boy fulfills my two requirements: 1) lives out of state and 2) has an absolutely lovely girlfriend. Side note: I should actually give the girlfriend a call and invite her to our dinner date.