Reasons Why I Should Not Like Him

1. He has a girlfriend.

2.  I really really liked the girlfriend … the one time I met her. I should like her considering he tells me we’re a lot alike.

3. He only temporarily moved back to Minnesota and is planning another relocation soon

4. He is moving to live with his girlfriend, as soon as he finds a job, to work on their relationship (they were having some issues) and to, you know, be happy. Whatever.

5. The long-term potential is non-existent; he does not believe in marriage nor want children.

6. He is way too attractive – prettier than me times three.

7. He is not cuddle material

8. He takes more grief than he should from me.

9. He makes me blush like I am still in grade school, though I should note that I blush from almost anyone excessively easily.

10. He gets me.

Reasons Why I Do

1. See above.