When I told my boss that I had a doctor appointment over my lunch hour, it wasn’t exactly a lie. I did have one –well, I used to have one. Until I cancelled it. And when I say a doctor appointment, I really meant the chiropractor who technically IS a doctor, even if his sessions last ten minutes as opposed to the extended appointment length as implied to my boss.

The part about the long drive and his office being close to my house so I might as well spend the afternoon working from home? Yeah, that part was a lie.

But the mall is having its January sales and I wanted to get to it before the weekend crowds. This, I felt, was rational for skipping out on work.  Responsible, no? 

The trip was successful; I am a sucker for clearance sales.

The three tank tops won’t be used for a few months but they will still be cute then OR I could wear them now with a cardigan, and I don’t know if you know this, but cardigans are totally hot at the bar. Yup, dudes dig chicks in sweaters. Also purchased: two suit coats. I don’t wear suits to work, BUT I might need one some day. Someday soon. And then won’t I be happy when I already have cute ones hanging in my closet, purchased for 80% off no less. YES. I also bought two belts. And although I rarely wear belts because it looks ridiculous having that belt bulge with longer shirts and the ones purchased were not the over-the-shirt type, I might need one SOON; what if I am having a pants-falling-off EMERGENCY? Problem solved; I already have them should such a catastrophe arise. It’s called PLANNING AHEAD. I also bought ballet slippers which, ok again, I cannot wear at this EXACT instant because my work pants are too long but I AM planning to get them hemmed. Soon. For the sole purpose of wearing my beautiful new shoes –I even bought two (ok, three, I can’t lie to you, Internet) new pants to be designated as my flat-shoe-wearing pants. The bright-pink satin ones (shoes not pants; I am crazy mentally not fashionably) and I might just be new best friends, and even if they only match black or gray, we will sacrifice color in order to be together because we are that much in love. Now that’s dedication.

I will make up the time away from work on Sunday. It was worth it. I will even put in extra time because of that damn Catholic guilt.  And I didn’t waste the ENTIRE afternoon, just some of it. 

 Now if only I had something new I could wear out tonight …