New year, new potential-to-be-broken promises. I would have posted these earlier, but decreasing my procrastination is not one of my resolutions –why bother? It always gets done at some point.

1.  Be conscious of money. Or more so than I am. So often, I buy from feeling entitled (I didn’t spend $40 at the bar this weekend, therefore I deserve these $100 jeans), but really, if I had a budget, or you know guidelines of a sort, I wouldn’t throw so much of it away. Although it does look pretty in my closet, I forget that money also is very attractive in the bank. This may need to be reinforced by limiting my weekly ventures to mecca Target.

2.  Find a direction even if it is the wrong direction. This one, I hope, entails something young and frivolous (ie stupid); I am turning 25 this year and can’t justify those two attributes for too much longer. Or, if I want to be adult about it, I could continue my education. But you know, whatever.

3.  Make time for friends. I really like them, I should see them more. I also think adopting one of those social life things that seem to be all the rage would make me be a happier person. Or at least more interesting on my blog and isn’t that what counts?

4.  Leave The Kid alone. Get over it already.

5.  Travel. As always.