Last year when an older gentleman inquired as to my plans for the New Year, he informed me that my plans were very important because the way one spends New Year’s Eve is indicative of the way one will spend the following year.

The last two New Year’s Eves were spent working and drinking at The Wine Bar, waiting for The Kid From Boston to call from out of state. My last two years could not be summed up more efficiently.

This year I have been trying to make an EXTRA effort to make plans, to have fun, to celebrate a night that is, essentially, drinking at the bar and hoping for a kiss at midnight. (Now why does that agenda sound familiar?)

And, since I have decided to make it a huge deal, Karma has decided to be a bitch and do everything it can to make it difficult for me. The Girls From High School are going on trips with their boyfriends/fiancés, the Bestest Friend is in Florida with her family, plane tickets to see my best friend The Hair Stylist in LA are too expensive, college friends are in their hometowns for the holidays, and the others: out of town, romantic interlude, and required work shifts. (I do not have that many friends –I really don’t like too many people).  I have a few friends I could call, but I don’t know if my evening’s enjoyment would rival that to being alone. 

What does it say about this coming year if I plan to get drunk by myself? Or ignore everyone and just go to bed at 9pm? Work on some potential freelance writing projects?  This is going to be a great year.