He called me fine, which caused an eye roll; he called me beautiful, which caused a blush.  

He said I was a sweetheart; I said, with a half-smile, that it was all an act –even though I felt, for the first time in a long time, that when this one looked at me, he actually saw me.

He said he noticed that I tried to hide my unhappiness, but sometimes, when my guard was down, I had a spark inside me that shined and hinted at how I must have used to be, before when I was happy.

He said the ex was a complete moron to let me go and that if he had me, there’s no way he would let me leave his side, much less live in another state.

He said he wished circumstances were different, so that he could have a chance with me.

But the circumstances couldn’t be changed.  So we slept on separate couches.