Last night at The Wine Bar, I was bullshitting with two of my favorite customers, who were on their second bottle, while stacking their three dozen pieces of dishware.  I usually clear all plates at the same time, mostly because I am lazy, but also because otherwise it hinders my drinking on the job.  It’s more efficient to do the job only once.

When the customer’s story was over, I nonchalantly picked up my stack of dishes to bus back to the kitchen.  She looked at me, amazed and slack-jawed, and said, “You’re carrying all of those?  But you’re so little!  Your forearms must be MASSIVE.”  And while I was questioning how to go about answering a remark such as that (“thank you”?  or “no, they’re really quite normal-sized”?), she said, “Hey!  You would be PERFECT for my nephew!”