One of my favorite television shows in high school was Ally McBeal, a neurotic character (Are you wondering why I could relate to her? Yeah, I don’t know why either) with a neurotic law firm and a string of neurotic psychiatrists. During one psychiatric evaluation, the shrink asked Ally to pick a theme song, something upbeat for singing and snapping while walking down the street. Ally chose “I Know Something About Love”.

At the time, The Sister and I chose our own songs to emulate the episode’s theme, mine was “I Just Want to be Happy” by Gloria Estefan while The Sister chose “Strong Enough” by Sheryl Crow.

Since I have somewhat outgrown my song in the (eek) ten-plus years since its selection, I tried to pick a new one. Only, I couldn’t find one that I liked in its entirety. At least, not for a theme song. Entire songs for different points in my life, but those are for events, not for me as a person. Instead, I chose theme lyrics … can it work that way? Yes. For now. Maybe sometime I can commit myself to an entire song, but for now, this is the best I can do. Oh, also, I couldn’t commit to just one song, so I chose two. I have issues. Commitment and elsewise.

My first favorite:

“I want so badly to believe that ‘there is truth, that love is real’ And I want life in every word to the extent that it’s absurd.”

AND my second definition:

“Well she was an american girl raised on promises, she couldnt help thinkin that there was a little more to life somewhere else. After all it was a great big world with lots of places to run to …”

Optomistic romanticism and restlessness. Perhaps these give away more than I intended.